Monday, September 16, 2013

Board Games and Giveaways

Gems of Reflection: #35
When I was a kid, I LOVED board games. Some of my favorites when I was really small were Hi Ho Cherry Oh, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Chutes and Ladders, and Candy Land. When I started getting a little older, I remember playing some other board games with my family like Zobmondo and Tabu. I think my all-time favorite board game, would have to be Sorry, though.

As an adult, there were a few games that I discovered that I totally fell in love with. Scene It, for example. That game is SO much fun. We have a few different versions of the game now, Scene-it Disney, Scene-It Twilight, and my personal favorite, Scene-It Harry Potter, The Complete Journey (which includes clips and trivia from all 8 movies). If you ever want to see a serious battle going down in our house, suggest that we play that game, and you will even see the crazy (and I mean, CRAZY) competitor come out in my husband. Haha. It is seriously so much fun though. I would definitely recommend that game for a family game night, or family home evening. It makes for some seriously hilarious entertainment.

Another fun game that I discovered as an adult is Apples to Apples. I play this game with M every once in a while (the babies still aren't old enough), and it is also loads of fun. It's a fun game of comparisons that really keeps you on your toes and keeps things light and fun.

Aside from the typical board games, one of my favorite games to play with family is Charades. We still play this game at family get-togethers with our kids, and they have a blast - especially when it is their turn to act out the clues, trying to get the rest of us to guess the answer. Some of the things they come up with (especially my five-year-old niece, who insists she is big enough to have a turn) are absolutely hilarious. It does leave you wondering though, "How on earth were we ever suppose to guess THAT?" Haha. It is fun to see their minds at work, though, and the kids all have a blast. To me, that is what is important.

Anyway, speaking of fun and games, I just wanted to give you guys a quick reminder about The Purple Lady's half-birthday bash that is taking place over at All Things Purple this week. Below is a list of all the current giveaways. There are still a few days left to enter each giveaway, but don't hesitate. Each giveaway has its own deadline, and they will be ending soon. Hop on over there and get in on the shenanigans. You can thank me later. ;)

Custom order of one dozen gourmet cupcakes from Silver Spoon Catering: This giveaway is only open to residents of the Northern Utah area.

Amethyst Healing Crystal

Cragbridge Hall, Book 1: The Inventor's Secret, by Chad Morris

Blackmoore, by Julianne Donaldson

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