Monday, May 20, 2013

Sudsy and Self-Sufficient

Gems of Reflection - Week 20
I definitely remember having to do chores as a kid. Shoot, my mom had us all doing our own laundry from a very young age, and we each started being required to cook dinner for the family (supervised, at first) from the time we were about 7 years old. It got to the point that each of us was responsible for making dinner for the family one night a week. As we got older (and lazier), we often opted to use our allowance to provide taco bell (usually when my dad was supposed to be cooking) or Whoppers for dinner. Haha. Yeah, I think they knew us by name at Burger King. Hehe.

We had other chores as well. I remember my mother coming into the bathroom to inspect whether or not I had scrubbed behind the toilet (with bleach) sufficiently, and whether the ring around the tub was gone. Of course, she said she always knew when we did a good job because we'd actually seek her out to come inspect our work. I also remember the dreaded dog poop duty that each of us tried to avoid like the plague. I remember my dad used to tease me and call me Shannonella because I swore that I was so picked on for having to do chores. Haha. I have some other funny memories where chores were concerned too.

When I was about 10 years old, we re-modeled the kitchen (thanks to a little fire incident, courtesy of my older brother) and tiled the entire kitchen and dining room so they kind of ran into one big kitchen area. There were several times - when one of us had been assigned to sweep and mop the floor - that we'd move the dining room table and chairs to the carpet area, wet the floor with water and soap (yes, I said soap - usually of the dish variety), then we'd go flying across the floor on our knees or tummies. We usually ended up sloshing soapy water all up onto the carpet, which naturally drove my mother insane, but hey - the kitchen floor was always sparkling clean when we were finished. Haha.

Another memory I have of doing chores growing up is how my mom would always catch me sitting on the bathroom sink acting out commercials in the mirror with cleaning supplies or items from the medicine cabinet - when I was SUPPOSED to be actually cleaning the bathroom. lol. And speaking of "supposed to be cleaning," my mom and I sort of have a running joke now about how I would always disappear into the bathroom for 45 minutes because I suddenly had to pee when I was supposed to be helping with the dishes. To this day, dishes are probably my least favorite chore, and I find it rather ironic how M does the same thing - suddenly has to use the restroom the second I ask her to do the dishes.

But yeah, thems was the good ol' days. Hehe. I must say, though, how grateful I am that my mom taught us to be self sufficient from such a young age - even if I didn't appreciate it at the time. ;)

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  1. You beat me this time!

    1. It was a fluke. Won't happen again. ;)