Monday, July 22, 2013

Childhood TV Shows, Blog-iversary Fiesta Kick-Off, and Music Lesson Giveaway!

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So, I know that it is Monday today, and we usually do our Gems of Reflection posts on Mondays, and I will get to that - I promise, but first things first. In case you haven't been following my posts on Facebook, this is not just any regular old Monday. Today is an extra special Monday, for we are officially kicking off our week-long fiesta in celebration of the blog's one-year anniversary (aka blog-iversary). I am super excited too, for I have some amazing friends who are offering their support for our little fiesta, so we have some pretty exciting things happening this week on the blog. 

Today is the first of many daily giveaways that will be transpiring here this week, and we were lucky enough to procure the support of the incredibly talented, and oh-so-handsome Principal Tuba for The Las Vegas Philharmonic. Okay, so he is also my husband, but he has lovingly donated his time and is offering one free month of lessons (4 weekly half-hour lessons) for any brass musician who should win this giveaway.

Good luck to all entrants. Now, let's get this party started! :)

Be sure to come back every day and check out the blog for a new daily giveaway. Each giveaway will run for a few days, and will allow for additional points to be earned daily. The more points you earn, the better chance you have of winning. Don't be afraid to spread the love, too, so that others can get in on the fun.

Now, on to this week's Gems of Reflection post:

GOR: Week 29

My favorite show growing up was Saved by The Bell. I used to have a huge crush on Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zach Morris), and I used to always wish that I was Kelly Kapowski. Haha. Oh, the problems of 12-year-old girl. 
“Zach Morris the cool trouble maker, A.C. Slater the kind hearted jock, Screech Powers the smart and funny nerd, Kelly Kapowski the teen dream who is Zach Morris’ obsession, Lisa Turtle the gossiping fashion lover, and Jessie Spano the feminist straight A student. They make up the six individual students and their misadventures at Bayside High School.” -IMDB
I don't know what it was about SBTB that captivated me so, but there is something particularly reminiscent of my childhood in the show - and I still find myself plastered to the tv whenever an old re-run airs. I even went on to watch The College Years, and I loved the Hawaiian Style movie that came out. The group of six friends just had some kind of charisma about them. I had to smile, too, when M discovered the show a while back, and I found her glued to the screen as well. Hehe.

Anyway, when SBTB: The New Class started airing a few years later, I just could not get into the show. It just was not the same as the original. I guess I am guilty of being a creature of habit, and accepting change is something that has not always come easily to me. I think it will make you all happy to know, however, that I don't still kiss my posters of Mark-Paul Gosselaar before going to bed. Hehe. 

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