Monday, July 1, 2013

Called to Serve

Gems of Reflection:Week 26
I have only had two callings as an adult in the Church. After Z and I were sealed in the temple 5 years ago, we were called as a couple to teach the 16 - 17 year old's Sunday School class. We were in that calling for four years and I absolutely LOVED it. Not only did it allow me the opportunity to increase my love for and knowledge of the scriptures, but it strengthened my testimony of the faith that our youth possess as well.

Serving with the youth was such a joy to me. As you can imagine, in a four-year period we watched as many of the youth finished high school then left for college or prepared for missions, left for said missions, and then returned after serving faithfully - and being able to watch them grow and mature into sensible, faithful servants of the Lord was absolutely heart-warming.

So many of the youth in my ward have such sweet, spirits too - and such firm testimonies. They would often blow me away with how profound their comments were in class, and I truly grew to love each one of them. It was such a rewarding calling. There wasn't a week that went by that I didn't feel thoroughly edified, and I am grateful for the example that each of them was to me.

We were released from that calling just over a year ago, and I can honestly say that I was a little heartbroken. I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to converse with the youth on a weekly basis like I had been, and I knew I would miss them. I understood then; though, that the Lord had other things in store for me, and I would soon learn just exactly what His plan was. ;)

A few weeks after my husband and I were released, I was called as a nursery worker, where I am currently still serving - and wow, what a roller coaster that has been. In the last year, we have gone through two incredible nursery leaders and are now on our third. So, things have changed a lot over the course of the year, but I am grateful for the opportunity that I was afforded to come to know each of these remarkable women on a deeper, more spiritual level. I have grown to love each of them for their strengths and for the example they are to me as well.

Working with the nursery-age children has been a little challenging for me, only because I have two of my own children in there with me, and because the number of children in the nursery has consistently grown. It comforts me; though, to know that I am doing the Lord's work, and I have a testimony that I am exactly where he needs me. We recently gained a third nursery worker too, so I am grateful for the tremendous difference that has made.

I know there is still so much that I stand to learn from this calling. Z teases me that the Lord is trying to prepare me for more children. Haha. I think maybe that the Lord just thought I needed to learn patience.  Hehe. Either way, I look forward to the journey ahead, and am grateful for the experiences I have had in my callings.

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