Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Right to Not Say Anything

I have been trying to avoid Facebook today, as the barrage of negative posts have been flowing in from my Liberal Facebook friends, who have continued with vigor to weigh in on their disappointment and disgust with last night's election results - basically attacking Trump's supporters with accusation of bigotry, sexism, racism, etc . . .

I told myself last night, after learning of Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, that I was going to refrain from commenting on or engaging in any political commentary throughout the day today, as I knew emotions would be heightened, and tensions would be magnified - and to be quite honest, it's not worth losing friendships with people I've known for years because of a difference of political opinion.

There were several times throughout the day, however, that I saw a post and almost could not refrain from defending myself and my choice of candidate. I just don't understand the hypocrisy that I've been seeing all over social media today; to call ALL Trump supporters bigots, racists, sexists, etc. is to engage in the very same behavior that these people claim to have been oppressed by. Type-casting works both ways, my friends, and it does nothing to build bridges, mend fences, or to extend an olive branch. Besides, do these people not realize that I am someone THEY know in real life? Come on, friends, let's sit back and think about what we're posting on social media.

I, for one, did not chose to oppose Clinton because she is a woman. Just like I didn't choose to oppose Obama (four AND eight years ago) because he is black. Their race and/or sex had NOTHING to do with my disdain for their policies, nor my decision to rally against them . . . and I could have chosen to stand from a rooftop (or on my Facebook soapbox) and shout my disapproval of these facebook posts, continuing to stir the pot and perpetuate the anger and outrage, but what would that have accomplished, really?

In the end, I decided that it was best to simply utilize my right to not say anything, and chose rather to unfollow a few people for the next week or so until emotions settle and the hype of this election dies down. This choice was not made with the intention of cutting anyone out of my circle of influence on a permanent basis. I just need to separate myself from the dissention and the hateful posts to maintain my own sanity. So yeah, today I am grateful for the right to not say anything.

I voted. My voice was heard. My candidate won . . . and I have a sense of peace that we are headed in a direction that will make America great again. So, why would I need to get on social media and say anything about yesterday's election results, perpetuating the discord?

I know there are many who disagree with my choice of candidate, and that is perfectly okay. After all, this is America, and I choose to continue to respect those who disagree with me all the same; otherwise, I would not be friends with them - on Facebook, or in what we like to call "the real world."

So, here's to hoping that Trump comes through with the promises he made to make America great again. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for him and for the healing and unification of this great land. God bless the U.S.A.  

Photo Credit: The Purple Lady


  1. It's upsetting to be blamed for idiotic actions too. So much shifting of blame for voting against the Clinton machine. Love this post!

    1. It's true. It's like they don't know who to blame for the loss, so we must all be bigots, racists, and sexists, right? 🙈