Friday, August 17, 2012

Frivolous Friday

Who here loves Fridays? I do, I do. :) Not only because they mark the beginning of the weekend, when children look forward to a few days off from school, and the prospect of excitement and recreation anxiously await behind every corner, but Fridays are also when new movies are usually released in theaters, when you get to stay up past your bedtime, and when pizza/movie nights take place. There is just something magical about Friday - when Mom and Dad get home from work, and you know that you have the whole weekend ahead of you to explore the endless possibilities of fun and adventure - or to indulge in some much-needed R&R and stay in your pajamas all day long. Either way, Fridays mark the beginning of a time period in everyone's week when frivolity is at its finest.

In celebration of our favorite day of the week, I am dedicating Fridays on this blog space to all things frivolous and fun! Not only is "frivolity" such a fun word to say (go ahead and say it aloud - you know you want to), but it also has some uber awesome synonyms: light-heartedness, silliness, giddiness, etc... I don't know about you, but I feel pretty giddy and frivolous on Fridays - and what way to better commemorate the beginning of something we look forward to (for five days at a time, with such passion and longing that we have actually designated the half-way point as "hump day" to signify that you have made it over the hump and are now on the downward cake-walk toward said frivolity) than with a little carefree and silly comedic relief. :)

So, in honor of our very first Frivolous Friday, I want to share a few, quick tidbits of some Weird Al genius:

Weird Al working his magic in a grocery store. haha. He is my hero.

Adverbs are awesome! :)

Those who know me can attest to the fact that I have a somewhat narcissistic enthusiasm for the "proper" use of grammar...and nobody is quite as frivolous and quirky as our good man, Weird Al. No one puts the art of grammar into perspective quite like him either. "Grammar people, come on...seriously!" Hehe.

So, have a happy Friday, peeps - and don't forget to be frivolous! :)

P.S. Guess what comes out on DVD/Blue Ray tonight at midnight?!? Hunger Games...booyah! Can you tell I am excited? I might just have to be frivolous tonight and run to Walmart for the blue ray/digital copy combo pack. Hehe. This one looks pretty cool: Hunger Games Rocks! 

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