Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eventide Book Review and Giveaway!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE books? I know that e-books are the "new thing" these days, with all the competing e-readers out there, but I am having a difficult time conforming. My husband and I both own iphones and we even have an ipad - all of which have iBook capabilities - but I just don't foresee that I will ever be willing to give up the pleasure of soaking in a nice, hot bubble bath or relaxing in a big, comfy chair with a good book in my hands.

There is just something significant about the way the pages feel in your fingers as you turn them one-by-one, and the smell they leave on your hands afterward that bring such an an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. There is also a certain kind of pleasure evoked when you physically put a bookmark in the inside crease of your book to keep your place. From an aesthetic perspective, books look beautiful as they are stacked together in uniformity on a book shelf, and even create an air of intelligence and knowledge simply by being strewn haphazardly about in a room (on coffee tables, night stands, etc...).

The bottom line is: books are sophisticated and exquisite - and like I said - I love, love, LOVE them. :)

Want to know what I love even MORE than books, though? Book Giveaways! What's better than the possibility of a free book, right? Especially when it's a GREAT, free book. Plus, a little competition is good for the soul. hehe. As it were, it just so happens that you can check out an awesome book review and giveaway at All Things Purple. So, hop on over to see The Purple Lady for a chance to win a copy of Tales of the Dragon's Bard, Book 1: Eventide, by Tracy & Laura Hickman. Best of luck and happy reading. <3


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