Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby's Breath

You lie in my arms
Staring up at me
With those big, beautiful, steel-blue eyes
And my heart melts.
I hold a little piece of Heaven
When I hold you in my arms.
And for a moment,
My whole existence is evanescent
Of worry and sorrow.
I brush my lips against your cheek
And fill my lungs with your essence;
The sweet aroma of your breath.
You are all that is lovely and pure in this world. 
A perfect example of innocence and love.
I playfully munch on your soft, little cheeks 
And you smile.
I then can’t help doing so myself,
For I am suddenly filled 
With a complete sense of joy and pride.

How can one, little being 
Bring such happiness?
Such overwhelming gratitude?
Looking into your smiling eyes, 
I see your innocence;
Your precious soul.
And as you stare back into mine 
With loving acceptance;
So trusting
So dependent on my love,
Tears of gratitude fill my eyes.
And I can’t help but thank Heavenly Father
For entrusting me with your sweet spirit,
For blessing me with the amazing gift
Of being your mother,
And for granting me this precious moment
In time
When the world stands still
As I hold you in my arms. 

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