Friday, September 7, 2012

Yoga & tips for relaxation. :)

Brian Regan has always been one of my favorite comedians because he is very clean, he usually doesn't use any swear words, and is ridiculously funny. 

Have you ever heard his bit about pop tarts? Oh my goodness...I thought I was going to die laughing the first time I saw it. His impersonations and facial expressions seriously make me lol. ;)

In this video (thank you, husband), someone used a bit that he did on yoga and laced it to the background of a pretty hilarious (sort of stick figure) animation. I was busting a gut watching it. My husband and I can especially appreciate this, as we've been trying different home workouts lately and usually feel pretty ridiculous in the process. Hehe. Hope you enjoy. :)

Happy Friday! And don't forget to be frivolous! :)

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