Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Avoid Being Raped

For those of you who haven't already heard, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs recently advised that in order to avoid being raped, women should tell their attacker that they have a disease, are menstruating - or that they should urinate or vomit on themselves in an attempt to get the attacker to leave them alone. 

"WHAT? REALLY?" You say? Yes, sir...Yes, ma'am - I am not making this junk up. Even my imagination is not grand enough for this nonsense.

For starters; though, can I just say that this statement (I won't even validate the idea by calling it a suggestion - that would imply that it was actually suggesting something productive) is absolutely absurd! How degrading to women, first of all - to tell them to vomit, pee, or defecate on themselves to avoid becoming a victim! What happened to empowering women by telling them to take self defense classes - or oh, I don't know...EDUCATING our women on their 2nd Amendment rights! This is a huge, GIANT leap BACKWARDS in feminism. And aren't liberals supposed to be advocates FOR women's rights? 

It's like telling women that if they want to lose weight, all they have to do is spend five or more hours a day cleaning house and doing laundry. Oh wait, that happened too. I tell you, the hypocrisy is almost laughable.

Seriously though - Ladies, the best way to avoid being raped is to PROTECT YOURSELF! Period. No one says it quite like Token Libertarian Girl, though: 

Nuff said! Haha. Hopefully, none of you peed YOUR pants from watching this video. :-P

Happy Friday!

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