Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Blessing of Friendship

Gems of Reflection, #49
So, I guess my answer to this question would depend on one's definition of the word, friend. I count myself lucky to know so many thoughtful people who sacrifice for the needs of my family, and to know so many wonderful souls who are willing to serve me in numerous ways, and so I have many people in my circle of influence that I am lucky to call my friend.

To me, a friend is someone that loves you as the Savior does and is there for you, should you ever be in need of something - spiritual or material - someone you would do the same for, should the roles ever be reversed. In this aspect, I am fortunate in the fact that I have many amazing, caring women in my ward, who have come to my rescue on numerous occasions - simply because of the fact that they knew I was in need. Many of these women have been there to uplift me spiritually, when I was in desperate need of comfort, and they were willing to listen to the promptings of the spirit and meet that need as well, while others offered to take the kids for a playdate (because they knew I needed the silence to regain my sanity. lol), or have offered to give M a ride to school or to mutual.

I know that Heavenly Father puts us in a certain place for a reason, as he puts certain people into our lives for a reason too, and I know that he knew I needed this ward. I am eternally grateful for the blessing of these sisters who have been such dear friends to me, and I pray that I can only return the favor and be a good friend to them as well.

Now, there are also several family members that I have grown close to and consider my friends. My husband and my mom are probably my best friends in the world, but I also have sisters-in-law that I have come to know and love. I am thankful for each of these relationships, for the strength and comfort they provide in trying times, and for the way my life is blessed because of their love. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and puts these people into my life to bless me daily. For that, I am so truly grateful. :)

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