Monday, April 8, 2013

In their shoes

Gems of Reflection - Week 14
As a child, I looked up to her as an angel from above.
She would kiss away my sorrows and then wrap me in her love.
In an effort to be like her, through her clothes I would peruse.
I was eager, yet, to walk the length of the hallway in her shoes.

I knew him as a selfless man - in serving, he'd delight,
But he'd still take time to let me climb up in his lap at night.
We'd sit and watch tv together, cuddling all the while.
I would say, "I'll marry you some day." Then he'd look at me and smile.

As an adolescent, eager then to conquer my domain,
She taught me to be kind to all, even those who cause me pain.
Her love was always constant, she was patient in all things -
Despite the way I tried to break away and spread my wings.

My dad could fix most anything, quite the genius to this day.
He taught the value of hard work, but also how to play.
He had a truly tender side, was an ever-present friend.
There was no heartache or sorrow that rocky road ice cream couldn't mend.

And now that I have wee ones, I hope to emulate
The example of the Savior, that she'd always demonstrate.
Through the gentle words, the patience - I forever try to show
So the measure of my love for them, in their hearts they'll always know.

I pray that as they grow and reminisce of childhood years,
They'll remember all the times we shared - both the laughter and the tears.
But I also hope they'll learn to be self-governing and free,
That they'll be honest and hard working - lessons that my dad taught me.

I reflect back on my childhood with gratitude to Thee
For blessing me with loving folks, who taught me how to be.
I seek to be as they were, open-minded in my views,
And I pray that as a parent now, I can follow in their shoes.

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  1. Replies
    1. I am so glad you like it. I still get a little nervous about posting my poetry. :-P

  2. This is beautiful! You are quite talented with your writing.

  3. Aww...Thanks, Britta. Just getting back in the swing of things (I used to write a LOT more when I was younger), and it's a little nerve racking. ;)