Monday, April 1, 2013

My children, my life!

52 Gems - Week 13: Tell about each of your children...
This week's Gem of Reflection is near and dear to me, for my children are the center of my universe. For the sake of maintaining some anonymity on their behalf, I have chosen not to disclose their names, but will use a more discreet version of their nicknames instead:

M Mae, my 12-year-old daughter, is without a doubt an enormous blessing in my life. As I have divulged so many times in previous blog posts, she came into our family at a time when trial and hardship plagued my life, and I honestly believe that she is the one thing that helped me to maintain a grip on my sanity. She was born in October (she is a Libra, and let me just say that the girl can talk). She loves to read, has an extremely creative imagination, and is already ambitious about writing a book. She has always been intelligent way beyond her years, yet she and I butt heads - a lot - as she strives to find her path to independence. She is very headstrong, and sometimes struggles with the fact that she IS still a child, and is therefore treated as thus. We love her unconditionally; though, and it brings me such joy to watch her blossom and grow into a maturing young woman. I especially love to witness precious moments that encourage her strengthening testimony, and I rejoice in the righteous choices I see her endeavoring to make. 

L Bear will be three in June, and he is SUCH a boy. He is OBSESSED with super heroes lately, though his favorites are Spiderman, Superman and Iron Man. He calls almost all of them "Man" though. Haha. He is such a funny, little guy. He has a bit of a speech delay, so he has been receiving speech therapy for almost a year, and my heart delights in the progress he has made. He is such a smart, little devil, though. He may not always have the exact words for what he is trying to say, but he is very animated in his attempts at communicating his thoughts and desires - and has become quite the little entertainer in his colorful way of expressing himself. Though he has quite a little temper (hmm...wonder where he gets that from), he can be such a sweetheart. He is very protective of his sisters (he often comes to M's defense when she is being discipled. Hehe), he loves wholeheartedly and forgives completely. He gives the best hugs and kisses, and is truly an endearing, charming boy. From the time that he was first born, people would stop us in the stores to tell us how adorable he is. He is going to be a little heart-breaker for sure.

B Boo is our baby girl - and oh, what a sweet one she is. She is truly the most mellow, carefree baby I have ever known, and she is such a delight. She only ever cries when she is experiencing some serious discomfort (i.e. she is hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, or is in pain), but she has a smile that will melt your heart and bring overwhelming joy to your soul. She took her first steps a few days ago, and I know she will be walking any day now. She will be one at the end of the month, and though it is fun to witness this milestone in her life, a part of me wants to stop time and just keep her as a sweet, happy baby forever. She is so lovable; though, that I have to fight the urge on a constant basis to munch on her. Haha. She has an infectious laugh and is so easily brought to indulge us with her smile. She and my two-year-old often get each other cracking up laughing, and it is the most joyful sight to behold. She truly has a way of making a person utterly and inescapably happy, just by looking at them with her smiling eyes. She is truly such a blessing, and I know in my heart that Heavenly Father knew that we needed her in our life, even though we didn't know it ourselves (she was quite the little surprise and we are truly blessed, now that she is a part of our family).

Each of my children brings such incredible meaning and depth to our family dynamic. I am so grateful for the blessing that each of them is in my life, and I thank Heavenly Father for them every day. <3

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