Friday, June 21, 2013

From the mouth of a babe...

I just have to share one of those funny mom moments. You know, the ones when your kid says something totally inappropriate in public and you just stand there in shock, unable to do anything other than laugh (as opposed to just dying of embarrassment) because you can't believe those words just came out of YOUR kid's mouth?

First off, let me just preface this post by saying this; for those of you who don't know, my son (who happens to be turning THREE today...Happy Birthday to my little buddy) has a speech delay, and has been receiving speech therapy for a little over a year. When he began talking more coherently recently, we all suddenly realized how cognizant he really has been all this time...and how intelligent. We also started realizing how much he has actually been listening all along - to EVERYTHING. He just didn't have the words to express his emotions or to exhibit his understanding of things we discuss on a regular basis.

Anyway, we recently took him to get evaluated for a special needs preschool program with the school district, and while he was in the evaluation with the speech therapist, she began a section of the evaluation where she would grab different articles of clothing on her body, asking him to name the item, hoping to gain an idea of what he already knew. She started with her shoes, working her way up, and as she did so, he named off every piece of clothing she pointed to - until she got to her shirt. As she pinched some fabric in her fingers from a spot up between her collar bone and shoulder blade, she asked, "Okay, what is this?"

Without skipping a beat, L looked at her with the most confident expression on his face and a matter-of-fact tone in his voice, then belted out, "BOOBS."

I seriously about died. Neither the speech therapist nor I could could regain our composure for several minustes. We just couldn't stop laughing. I am just glad she had a good sense of humor. ;)

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