Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun in the Snow

52 Gems of Reflection: #39
I know that I already posted a Gems of Reflection post today, but I am still so far behind (I haven't even started October's posts yet), and I am determined to get caught up. 

So, it didn't snow here in Vegas very often when I was a child, but I remember waking up a few times to a thin blanket of white outside - and naturally, it was like a holiday with the amount of exuberance we all expressed - especially considering the early hour.

I remember one time when I was a kid (we were living in Henderson at the time) and the snow stuck well enough for us to actually make a snowman (though the snow was pretty muddy. hehe). I remember another time making snow cones out of snow. That was pretty awesome. 

Though it didn't snow right here in the Las Vegas valley very often, it did always snow up at Mt. Charleston, which is just about a 45 minute drive from where I grew up (on the northwest side town, where we moved when I was 10). I remember going up to Mt. Charleston quite often as a youth, and it was always such an exciting adventure. We'd pack hot chocolate and a picnic lunch, wrap our socks in plastic bags (why we didn't just invest in a good pair of snow boots is beyond me. lol), and we'd pick a spot where we could go sledding down the hill on plastic trash can lids or cheap, plastic sleds. Haha. Talk about a good time. Those were the days.

One year, shortly after Zach and I were married, we went up with M (who was only about seven at the time), and we found this really cool spot where the hills were slick with slippery snow - perfect for sledding. I was sitting with Zach about half-way down the hill (facing downhill), and M was up the hill about 15 feet behind us with my younger brother and his (then) girlfriend (who is now his wife). At one point, M turned around to face them, turning her back on the downward slope, and I guess she lost her footing. She slipped and fell on her behind, sliding full speed down the hill - backwards. All I know is I suddenly heard this blood-curdling scream, and though I didn't really have time to react, something inside me did. I instinctively stuck out my right arm just as she was flying past me and grabbed hold of her jacket, stopping her from sliding the rest of the way downhill. She looked at me with this look of desperate relief on her face as she let out a huge breath - half sobbing, half rejoicing. "Wow," she said. "You are Supermom." To this day, she talks about that experience and says she is still convinced that I have super powers. Hehe. 

We probably won't make it up to the mountain this winter since I am pregnant (I wouldn't want to fall and injure myself), but this post is definitely making me jones for some fun in the snow - especially since we haven't been up since the babies were born.

Anyway, I have to say that I have always been jealous of people who get to experience a white Christmas, but in reality, I am not really sure I'd want to live somewhere where I have to shovel snow. Then again, I have been saying that I want to move to northern Utah (Salt Lake area). I guess that's what is so great about having a husband and children - delegation. Hehe. 

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