Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crash and Burn

Yesterday, I had quite the experience. I was taking the babies for a walk in their new double stroller and stepped right into an uncovered utility hole in the sidewalk a few blocks away from my house. The stroller rolled right over it without so much as a bump (the wheels must have been spaced just far enough apart). Not me though. I went crashing down into the hole with my left foot, my right knee crashing down onto the pavement. 

As I sat there in that position for a few seconds, trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened, some "not-so-nice person (trust, that is not what I wanted to call them)" went zooming by in their car, honking their horn at me. "Yes, everyone look at the dumb lady pushing the stroller that went tumbling to the ground." I swear, some people are so rude.

Anyway, when I initially pulled myself back up to my feet, my foot and ankle were throbbing pretty badly. All I could think was, "Great, now I am gonna have to have Z drive me to a quick care to get an x-ray." I was also pretty bummed that our walk would be cut short. I noticed pretty quickly; too, that there was a huge gash on the outside of my left ankle. I tried walking a little ways further, but every time I put pressure on that foot, it would throb. 

It took two bandaids to cover the gash on my ankle. :(

A friend of mine from church lives a few doors down from where I fell (thank goodness), so I thought I might have to stop there for some help. Z was home sleeping and I had his phone; of course (L wore the battery down on mine, so I left it at home charging), so I knew there was no getting ahold of him. After a few minutes; though, the throbbing started to subside a little, so I thought we might be able to finish our walk after all. Yeah - not so much. I barely made it past my friend's house when I started to feel nauseated. 

I knew I wouldn't make it home, so I doubled back and knocked on my friend's door. I tried explaining what happened, but I was barely able to finish the details when the darkness started closing in around me. I could feel myself beginning to lose consciousness, so when she invited me in, I sort of collapsed onto her entry way floor. Not my finest moment.

Anyway, she bandaged me up and let me recover on her couch. After a little while, I was feeling a little better, and was actually able to walk home. I am just grateful for good friends - and for the fact that no serious damage was done to my foot. Now, if only I could learn to control my lame nausea reflex. ;)

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