Friday, November 8, 2013

A Childhood Friendship

Gems of Reflection: #42
The childhood friend of which I am most reminiscent is Julie. Our families were connected through the marriage of my aunt to her uncle long before my parents moved us from Henderson into my grandparents' house (in Las Vegas, where I spent the rest of my adolescence) when I was 10, but we became bosom buddies soon thereafter, and remained friends all through high school.

She was tall and thin, beautiful, and had crazy, thick hair that made her absolutely awesome and unique. She also lived around the corner from us, thereby making it easy for us to get together and hang out. When we were young, we'd chill out in her backyard jumping on the trampoline, or in my backyard doing the same or swimming. We were innocent and didn't get into much trouble, although we did try to dissect her goldfish once after it died - and we had the heebie jeebies the entire time doing it. lol. 

We used to have sleepovers out on my trampoline, and we were always in the same class at church, so we spent even more time together once we were both in Young Womens. Speaking of Young Womens, I have some awesome memories of bunking with her at girls camp too. I remember one year we kidnapped a friend of ours that was in a different ward, and held her for ransom (I think the ransom was candy or something?), and somehow, there was cherry pie filling involved. I think we smeared it all over our friend's face? lol. Good times. 

She was a good friend, and though we've gone our separate ways, I often think of her and her family. I sometimes stalk them on Facebook even to see how they are doing. Haha. After all, what is Facebook for? ;)

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