Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thirty Days of Gratitude - Day 13: Shelter

Photo by The Purple Lady

I've always considered myself to be the kind of person that preferred the cooler temps of the Las Vegas winters to the heat of our summers (if you recall, I usually run on the warm side as it is, and summers here are not very forgiving), but due to the recent weather change and the drastic drop in temperatures, I am quickly reminded of how cold it gets in the house during the winter (no central heating in our house), and I can safely say that I despise the cold as much as I do the heat.

We occasionally use floor heaters in the rooms to take the edge off the chill in the air, but with kids (and the old electrical in this house), I always worry that a floor heater could cause a fire.

When Z and I first got married, we had an alpaca that we threw over the top of our comforter to give us an extra layer of warmth, but that old thing bit the dust a few winters ago, and so we finally had to throw it out. We started using an unzipped sub zero sleeping bag over our comforter, and it really seems to do the trick.

Last night, as I was cuddling in bed with the babies - under these layers of warming protection - I sat for a moment realizing how extremely fortunate I am to have the luxury of a roof over my head, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and warm blankets to shield us from the cold.

I know that I complain a lot about the old house we live in, and the fact that there is no central heating, but so many people in the world are even less fortunate than I, and putting this into perspective made me think of those who are sleeping on the streets in this horrible, cold weather.

So, today I am grateful for a roof over my head and the comfort of a warm bed. I just pray that those people who don't share these comforts will be blessed throughout this winter, that their needs will be met, and that they too will be able to find shelter from the cold.

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  1. I love this one. I could hear your sincere gratitude. Having comfortable shelter truly is a big blessing for which I am also grateful.