Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thirty Days of Gratitude - Day 27: Grandparents

Photo by The Purple Lady
Okay, so yesterday was absolutely insane, and I had every intention of posting Day 27 last night after putting the babies to bed, but I was so exhausted. I straight up passed out in bed with them and didn't wake up until well after midnight to nurse the baby for the first time. So, I apologize for the late post, but today's #DailyGratitude is an important one, so I didn't want to just skip it. ;)

Today, I am grateful for grandparents. Ya see, when I was a kid, my Grandma Ruby was seriously the coolest. I used to have sleepovers at her house and she was always letting me help her cook (maybe she is part of the reason that I love to cook and bake so much today). Whenever we went to Grandma's house, she was always stocked up with our favorite cookies, and  any time that my "horrible, mean, parents - who just did not understand me, and were on a mission to ruin my life" (bahahaha...funny how kids think that. I guess if they don't, then we're not doing our job as parents. Hehe) would do something incomprehensible (you know, like send me to my room for talking back, etc...), I would call my Granny and she would be so understanding - so loving - and the tears would just melt away. Her home was always a place where you felt welcome, comfortable, and loved - a sort of home away from home. I loved spending time with her and I loved being at her house. 

Now that I am a mother, and I happen to have children who think that I am the meanest mom in the whole world (hehe), I appreciate the value of grandparents even more. I see my mom stepping into the role of "the loving savior of the grandchildren" and it warms my heart. ;) My mom always says that being a grandparent is the best because you can spoil the child and love on him/her profusely, without having to ever be the bad guy. And, you get to give the child back to Mom when he/she needs a diaper change. Hehe. My mom's favorite line (in referencing one of my children) is, "You know that he (or she) can do no wrong in my eyes." ;)

I am seriously so grateful for my grandparents and for the grandparents that my children have. I am grateful for all that my parents do for my children, and for the relationship that they have with them. Grandparents truly are the best! I only wish that my husband's parents were still alive so that my children could reap the rewards of a relationship with them as well. I guess that is just one more reason to look forward to eternity. ;)

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