Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty Days of Gratitude - Day 7: Technology

Photo by The Purple Lady
Earlier today, I was sitting on my phone checking my e-mail. After a few minutes, I switched over to my Facebook app to check on some things, then finally pulled up my map app to look up the phone number to a local business - and suddenly, it got me thinking: how crazy is it that we are capable of possessing such a plethora of information in the palm of our hands! Call me spoiled, but I honestly don't think I could live without my iPhone. ;)

To think; though, that we can access the scriptures, general conference talks, track calories and exercise, watch movies, play video games, look up directions, make phone calls, check movie times, AND take pictures on one tiny, little device!

Can you imagine when your grandma was a child - If someone had told her that one day her grandchildren would be walking around with a magical, little device that could do all of these things, she'd probably think they were crazy. Yet here we are. :)

So today, I am grateful for technology. Not just the technology of the cell phones these days, but I am grateful for computers, the internet (and the ability to quickly look up new recipes. hehe), ultrasound machines (to think that you can see inside the uterus of a woman to view her unborn child - phenomenal), Netflix (and the fact that you can stream it directly to your tv - my new fave), airplanes, automobiles (and the technology there increases dramatically by the year), and so on. I could literally sit here adding to the list all night.

There are just so many incredible forms of technology that improve our quality of life on a daily basis, and I am grateful for the brilliant minds that invested the time and effort that go into bringing these creative visions to life. :)

But for the record, someone needs to get on the ball with that whole "flying cars" thing. Don't you remember? According to Back to the Future II, they are supposed to be "the norm" come 2015. We are running out of time, ya know. ;)

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